• 150 MP resolution
    per camera
  • 1.8X focal length ratio
  • 2 fps
    capture rate
  • Up to 1/2500 s
    shutter speed
  • 650 km/h @ 5 cm GSD
    80% forward overlap
  • 5*2 TB SSD
    mass memory
  • Multi-platform
  • Smart cooling

A New Way to Aerial-map the World

FJD Trion O1 is a large-format aerial solution with extraordinary capturing performance and operational efficiency. Carrying four oblique RGB cameras and one nadir camera, 150 MP each, O1 captures photogrammetric images of superior quality, resolution, and clarity. It is by far one of FJD's most efficient all-in-one solutions for wide-area mapping and 3D city modeling.

O1 Flexing Its Muscle

An O1 case shot at Zhangjiajie, the filming location of Avatar by James Cameron.

Top-level Image with High Efficiency

Collect 1.5 billion geospatial pixels every second.

  • 1 frame
    per 0.5 seconds
  • 150 MP nadir
    RGB camera *1
  • 150 MP oblique
    RGB cameras *4

Efficient Collection

Covers a wider area and adapts to faster speed.

Efficient Collection
  • 650 km/h @ 5 cm GSD & 80% forward overlap
  • 275 km/h @ 2 cm GSD & 80% forward overlap

Outstanding Capturing Lens Configuration

1:1.8 Oblique-Nadir focal length ratio.

Multi-platform Compatibility

A single person can handle the camera pod using the specifically designed pod lifter.
Separated Mode
Integrated Mode

Your Brilliant Assistant

FJD Pilot - flight control and navigation

FJD Pilot - flight control and navigation

FJD Pilot uses FJD Plan data to manage and guide the precise execution of aero-photography flight.
  • Show rulers of flight lines
  • Timed interval exposure control
  • Display the actual exposure position
FJD Capture - camera control

FJD Capture - camera control

FJD Capture is a software that provides real-time operation data of cameras installed on the FJD Trion O1.
  • Set the exposure parameters
  • Set the path of stored photos
  • Manage the photo files and display
          the photo thumbnail
  • Display available storage capacity
FJD Plan - flight plan design

FJD Plan - flight plan design

With multiple control functions , FJD Plan allows you to easily generate flight plans.
  • Define the area of survey
  • Generate the flight lines