• Precise Leveling Mode Precise Leveling Mode
  • Wasteland Reclamation Mode Wasteland Reclamation Mode
  • GNSS-based Leveling System GNSS-based Leveling System
  • Terrain Digitalization Terrain Digitalization
  • Integrated Field Survey Integrated Field Survey
  • Online Support & OTA Online Support & OTA

Make Farmland Leveling Precise

FJD AL01 3D Land Leveling System uses GNSS & RTK high-precision positioning technology to provide a comprehensive solution for farmland leveling. This GPS land leveling system can optimize water management, improve productivity, and increase yields.


Use FJD Land Leveling System to reclaim wasteland, consolidate and level fields, convert slopes into terraces, and optimize water usage for rice paddies.

  • Wasteland   <br>  Reclamation Wasteland
  • Land Consolidation  <br>   and Leveling Land Consolidation
    and Leveling
  • Conversion of Slopes  <br>   into Terraces Conversion of Slopes
    into Terraces
  • Paddy Field <br>  Work Paddy Field


  •  Water Consumption 22%
    Water Consumption
  • Fuel Consumption 10%
    Fuel Consumption
  • Work Efficiency 40%
    Work Efficiency

Light-Load/Heavy-Load Mode Switch

Precise Leveling

The light-load mode is suitable for fine-leveling fields with small elevation differences. It consumes 10% less fuel in comparison with the heavy-load mode under the same condition. The highest speed of light-load mode: 15km/h. Leveled farmland saves up to 22% on water usage in comparison with an unleveled counterpart.

Wasteland Reclamation

The heavy-load mode levels fields with large elevation differences and works wonder at the early stage of wasteland reclamation.

GNSS-based Land Leveling System

Say goodbye to the laser system's troubling setup, limited signal coverage, and demanding weather conditions. Say hello to AL01, the GNSS-based land leveling system that achieves 2.5 cm accuracy 1, increases efficiency by 40%, and covers a larger area in comparison 2 .

1. Accuracy varies in different conditions.

2. The comparison of efficiency and signal coverage takes place in the same environment and with the same machinery configuration.

Terrain Digitalization

Minimize land leveling costs with terrain digitalization.

Integrated Field Survey