• Versatile
    Through Accessories
  • Assisted
  • Mobile
    Power Station
  • Remote
  • Zero Turn
  • Touchscreen
  • Electric Deck
  • OTA

Mower+ for All Seasons

A multi-purpose, electric-powered lawn mower with smart driving and mobile power station functionalities. Maintain your garden all-year-round with our accessories, mowing, leaf vacuuming or snow plowing capabilities.


Mobile Power Station

Power Always Available
A mobile power station in your yard. With up to 2000W output, our versatile electric mower can power devices like edge trimmer, drills, light and your smartphone. Simplify your yard maintenance with our electric mower’s versatile power output.
Higher in Power, Longer Endurance
Equipped with a 4kWh battery set and an extra battery as add-ons, our mower can provide sufficient power even to a whole household if need. Long-time mowing has never been this easy.
Multiple Charging Methods
Stay prepared no matter what. With multiple charging methods, you can charge your mower anytime, anywhere.

Transforming lawn maintenance

Bluetooth remote-controlled mower enables convenient operation from a distance of up to 100 meters. Effortlessly navigate and control the mower with one-touch cruise control, while ensuring secure vehicle connection. Say goodbye to manual labor as this innovative device enables semi-automatic mowing in small areas such as courtyards.

Application Scenarios

  • Yard Yard
  • Farm Farm
  • Sport stadium Sport stadium