Accurate Piling, Smart Guidance

The product applies high-precision GNSS and RTK technology, which enables operator to get real-time and precise 3D position information of the pile head and drill rod, making the drilling operation digitalized.
  • Import Pile Position   with One Click
    Import Pile Position
    with One Click
  • Task     Visualization
  • Pile Position    Guidance
    Pile Position
  • Breakpoint    Resume
  • CM-level    Accuracy
  • Attitude    Adjustment
  • Digital     Drilling
  • Online    Support & OTA
    Support & OTA

Centimeter Accuracy

This system applies high-precision GNSS real-time kinematic positioning technology, leading to precise alignment and cm-level piling accuracy.
Centimeter Accuracy

Smart Guidance

The operator can quickly and accurately locate piles under the guidance of the control terminal, without setting out and marking in advance. Labor and management costs are reduced while greatly improving efficiency.

Attitude Adjustment

The vertical deviation of the drill rod is shown in real time on the industrial grade control terminal to help the operator straighten the drill rod accurately. The system will instruct operators to proceed to the next step when the drill rod is adjusted properly.

Task Visualization

Pile position could be imported with one button and displayed on the control terminal. The operator can use this information to facilitate the drilling process.
Task Visualization

Depth Monitoring

Drilling quality is guaranteed by GNSS-based cm-level RTK positioning and 0.1° accuracy orientation. Construction process will be digitalized, allowing real-time monitoring of drilling depth and rock-socketed depth.

Application Scenarios

Pile foundation operations for railways, highways, urban elevated bridges and industrial and civil buildings